Rheidol Shawl

There is a beautiful shop, in a beautiful town…

Butterfly Bright, Sherborne, Dorset

Proprietor of Butterfly Bright, the lovely Ali recently sent me some yarn to play with and make something for her shop. I was delighted!

The yarn in question was Amitola in colour way Amelia (127), a stunning concoction of blues, purples and pinks by Louisa Harding.


Yarn Stats

Weight 4ply

Blend 80% wool 20%silk

Recommended needles 3.75 mm / 4mm

Quantity 50g

Length 250m

Gauge 22sts/30 rows
As you may have noticed from my gallery below, knitting shawls is my favourite thing to do. So, armed with a 4.50mm 80cm long circular needle I made this…

And this is how I did it…


pm = place marker

sm = slip marker

yo = yarn over

k2tog = knit 2 together

RS = right side

WS = wrong side

RN – right needle

LN – left needle

Start here

Cast on 3, knit 6 rows, at the end of the last row, do not turn your work, but pick up and knit 3 stitches along the side of your garter stitch tab, and 3 stitches along the cast on edge giving you 9 stitches in total.

Now follow this simple repeat alternating between the two balls of yarn every two rows:

1. k3, pm, yo, k1, yo, pm, k1, pm, yo, k1, yo, pm, k3

2. k3, sm, purl to last 3 sts, sm, k3

3. k3, sm, yo, k to first marker, yo, sm, k1, sm, yo knit to next marker, yo, sm, k3

4. k3, sm, purl to last 3 sts, sm, k3

Repeat rows 3 and 4 for as long as you like, this forms the basis of the triangle shawl.

The eyelet rows are made by keeping the k3, yo at the start followed by k2tog, yo repeated across the row to the centre, yo, sm, yo (for the middle) the continue K2tog, yo to the last 3 stitches, sm knit 3.

You can choose to do this once or repeated on RS rows whilst keeping WS rows as row 4.

Finally, I used a picot cast off (make sure you leave yourself enough yarn as it uses approximately 3 times as much yarn as a standard cast off.

Picot cast off – *cast on 2 stitches, cast off 3 stitches, put the

stitch on the RN back onto the LN and repeat from *. There is a great

you tube tutorial to help with this here.


A bit about Butterfly Bright


Established some years ago in the lovely town of Sherborne, Dorset by the very talented Ali Nurton. It is a haven for crafty-types from all around, selling Rowan, Louisa Harding, Rico and Debbie Bliss yarns along with a beautiful array of both quilting weight and dressmaking fabrics.

Ali is supported by a wonderful team of makers and tutors, offering workshops in all manner of creative skills from crochet to dressmaking and everything in between.  If you want to find out more about what they do at Butterfly Bright check out their website here and their blog here.

Thanks for popping by, see you again soon xxx


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