Since discovering Ravelry some years ago, my addiction to knitting magazines has waned. The patterns always seem to be too basic, ridiculously useless (I’m not one for knitting random rodents, even if it includes wedding outfits!) or so expensive to make!

However, the pattern on the front of The Knitter issue 94 – Jade by Anniken Allis (yarnaddictanni on Ravelry) really caught my eye.


It looked interesting, a bit of a challenge and affordable.


I have never made a shawl with this kind of construction, knitting a central triangle then picking up along the sides for the edging.

I had some lovely gentle grey that I fancied for the triangle and then a soft cream for the edging. I chose the two tone idea from my love of Justyna Lorkowska (Letes Knits on Ravelry)  shawl patterns where she often uses contrasting colours to wonderful effect.

Here is the finished result!

It was a lovely pattern to follow, and the end result is beautiful, will definitely make more!

This has already been gifted to a very dear friend.

Onwards to the next shawl…

Thanks for popping by xxx


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