Test knitting adventure

As some of you may know from following me on Instagram, Twitter or Ello I am in the process of doing a test knit for the wonderful Tash of Quirky Hand Knits.

I haven’t done a test knit for someone before, but when I saw Tash’s request on Instagram for testers for her new shawl pattern, I decided to dive in, I joined her Ravelry group and sent a message. Much to my delight and surprise, she said yes and sent me the first draft of her pattern – Diamonds Rock Shawl.

So, you might think I was all set. But there was still one hurdle in my way, I didn’t have any suitable yarn to use that would do justice to her lovely pattern. I called out to my wonderful knitty friends on social media and one answered the call! Hoorah!! The result is this beautiful gradient pack by Hand Dyed by Kate

IMG_1092 IMG_1094

And isn’t it just lovely?

The pattern itself is rather lovely too, split up into sections, whilst complicated, it feels achievable.  I have learnt a new stitch too! I have always been a bit lazy when it came to increasing stitches, either doing the yarn over of standard make one (M1L), but as the pattern requires a M1L and M1R I decided I should do as I was told (for a change!). I looked it up on good ol’ youtube and I now know the difference and relevance of both and promise not to stray back to my lazy increasing ways! Great make one tutorial – here.

So, after day one, this is what section one looks like…


I’m now fast approaching the end of section 2, so pop back soon to see some more…



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