Happy Post

Well hello there!

We are all keen on our social media these days. So, when Instagram decided to make some changes to their settings relative newcomer to the scene ‘Ello – The Creators Network’ saw a surge in interest.

Not wishing to miss out, I created an account and started interacting with fellow ‘Ello’ users, its a very creative community, with lots of accounts happy to ‘repost’ your pics and leave encouraging comments.

Great accounts to follow include:







and plenty more.

It works in much the same way as Instagram, you add pictures, include comments and hashtags (such as #ellonewbie #elloknitters etc), you can like and repost other peoples posts that you might like, or add comments, its fun and some of the art work is truly inspiring!


Click here to see my Ello profile


It was whilst perusing this new community of creative bods, I came across the lovely Prairie Dye Studio and her tempting competition to win a set of angel stitch markers. I dually entred and guess what? I won!!

And today, this lovely package arrived for me, Melissa from Prairie dye studio had emailed me and said the Canadian post office had said it could take upto 8 wks!! But, it only took 2, BONUS!!


I can’t tell you how cute these markers are, they are great for knitting and crochet because they have lobster clasps making them easy to attach and remove as required.

In addition to beautiful stitch markers, Melissa also sells stunning yarn from her Etsy shop – check it out here! Incidentally, you can also follow Melissa on Instagram, Ello, Twitter and facebook.


All I need now is a lovely new project to use them on….

Thanks for popping by


Happy Thimble xx


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