London Baby – Royal Albert Hall

I know most of my blog is taken up with knitting and the like, but every so often I get to do other stuff!!


 Last week the Thimble family took a rather exciting trip to London town! Mini Thimble is a member of her school choir and as part of the wonderful Berkshire Maestros Celebration of music they were invited to sing at The Royal Albert Hall!

How cool is that!

royal albert hall

 Berkshire Maestros is made up of over 160 teachers across the county delivering musical education to local children, through instrument lessons at school, choral workshops, bands, orchestras and lots more. Take a look at their website for more information – here.



The concert was brilliant, amazing, awesome! To see your little seven year old singing in the Royal Albert Hall is fantastic. 

All the performers were amazing, we particularly enjoyed the Steel pan orchestra doing their version of Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson. The children from the local primary schools of Berkshire were brilliant, sat on the stage throughout the first half of the performance with impeccable discipline, no fidgeting!

They sang four songs, ‘Consider Yourself’ from Oliver!, ‘Tale as old as Time’ from Beauty and the Beast and ‘Bear Necessities’ from Jungle Book, but their favourite was clearly ‘Mamma Mia’ by ABBA, it was belted out wonderfully! All the hours practiced whilst singing in the bath along to You Tube had clearly paid off, well for Mini thimble anyway!


Mini thimble does not come from a musical background, I only played Recorder in school and Mr Thimble played a little Cello, but to see her there, singing, enjoying and lapping it all up was a true joy. She came back full of excitement and wonder, her violin lessons all the more exciting now that she has experienced what might be!

The second instalment of your tri to London will follow soon,

Thanks for popping by,


Happy Thimble xxx


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