London Part 2 – Museums

As readers of my previous post will know the Thimble family made a trip to London recently to watch mini thimble perform at the Royal Albert Hall. Whilst she as rehearsing with her school Mr thimble and I pottered off for a brief museum visit or two.

It was bank holiday weekend so the queues were fierce, particularly as the larger museums of London offer free entry. We decided to wait until later in the afternoon, in the hope that they may be more sparse. Our patience was rewarded with immediate entrance first to The Natural History Museum (website).


The most famous of all its exhibits has to be Dippy!


Dippy the Diplodocus has graced the entrance hall to the museum since 1905, but is soon to be replaced by a Blue Whale skeleton, but do not fret, because apparently, Dippy is going on a UK tour in 2018!

After the Natural History Museum we hot footed it to the V & A (website). It has been a very long time since I visited this wonderful place, and I was looking forward to seeing what was new, and we were not disappointed.


The list of wonders in this museum is hard to fathom, the China section was awe inspiring, and I could have spend most of the day in the shop alone! The piece I have chosen as my favourite is this oil on linen by Zhang Huan (b.1965)…


Its titled Spring Poppy Fields No.31, when you look closely you can see little grinning skulls, not in a sinister way, but instead depicting the Buddhist ideas of ‘Rebirth’.


The colours and texture of this work can not be done justice in this photograph taken from behind glass, but let me assure you, it is beautiful!

No trip to the V & A is complete without a visit to the shop! William Morris, Bottecelli, David Bowie and Agent Provocateur all under one glorious roof.

I decided upon a set of William Morris notebooks, matching pen, the obligatory canvas bag and a gorgeous bundle of fabric squares…IMG_0303

An amazing collection of 133 cotton squares! This will become my Victoria and Albert quilt! I haven’t decided if I am going to simply strip piece them together without format or planning, or should I arrange the fabrics according to colour and see how that pans out! You will have to wait and see…

I promise I will get back to some knitting now! I have just downloaded this beautiful free pattern – Marcelle Wrap by Little Church Knits from Ravelry – here.

IMG_7790_small2Picture taken from Little Church knits Ravelry page

Thanks for popping by, be sure to check back soon to see how this lovely shawl is progressing…



Happy Thimble xxx


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