Great British Sewing Bee (1)

So, what did we all think about the first episode of the new series of the BBC’s Great British sewing bee?? If you missed it, you can catch up on BBC iplayer.

**Spoiler Alert**

Claudia’s hair is as shiny as always, Patrick is looking is dapper self and May has been replaced by the inimitable Esme Young.

Off the bat my favourite was Charlotte,charlotte she is a mum, has a tattoo and seems a little quirky (hmm, remind you of anyone?) but I was also draw to Rumana for her sheer enthusiasm! You can read about all the contestants – Here.


Quote of the night goes to Patrick for describing one of the sews as ‘Natty’!!

Challenge one was as tradition dictates, the pattern challenge! A simple enough shell top, no sleeves, no darts, but with a sting in the tail, it had to be cut on the bias using striped fabric creating a chevron effect! ARGH! They all did remarkably well. Matching up all those stripes looked like a complete nightmare! And then adding bias binding around the neck, I was surprised by how few of them had used this technique before. The winner of the first challenge was Jamie for his brave use of Georgette, although the burnt orange colour with black stripes he chose was not to my taste.

In the alternation challenge the contestants were given free rein with a shapeless maternity dress, sadly, most of them opted to make a safe skirt, although there were some dubious uses of the haberdashery in the form of white lace (very bridesmaid dresses circa 1980), but my favourite was the golden godets! Although the pronunciation of this sewing technique does seem to have changed somewhat since the last series?!?

Finally, the made to measure challenge, and the finished products were all beautiful! Peplums, circle skirts and more godets dually followed. All the contestants did really well, and I admire all their courage just for taking part, it was. There was even an embarrassing ‘arse’ discussion surrounding one of the skirts.

I’m feeling hugely inspired to dust off my sewing machine and get sewing again!

Can’t wait for childrens week next, who remembers the dungarees from series 2!!dungarees

Finally, a post celebrating the first episode of the new series is not complete without mentioning the lovely Lorna Monje from series 2 who sadly passed away earlier this year, last nights episode was dedicated to her.

Rest in Peace Lorna,


Happy Thimble xxx


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