Long Leave

So, it’s been a while since my last post, for one good reason only – school holidays!

Over here in our neck of the woods we call it long leave, but pretty much everywhere else it’s called half term.

I would love to reminisce with you of balmy evenings on the beach and back yard bbq’s, but sadly we went to Norfolk where it chucked it down!!


I even contemplated buying woolly hats!!

However, we did not let it dampen our spirits!! See what I did there – rain – dampen! Anyway…

We still took a steam train journey from Holt to the lovely little town on Sheringham (where I found 2 yarn shops – result!!)

If you ever find yourself in Sheringham, we can recommend The Bank for lunch, lovely Nepalese fushion food!

We also managed to find a lovely little pottery painting cafe in Hunstanton, the perfect rainy day activity…


And we became 2p slot machine experts and air hockey officianados!

As already mentioned, I found two lovely little yarn shops in Sheringham – this inevitably resulted in a small amount of stash enhancement! 

Gorgeous Sublime lace weight yarns that are destined to become shawls and Rooster DK to make a hat for mini thimble…


I also managed to do a fair bit of knitting (as you can imagine), the results of which you will see tomorrow…

Thanks for popping by


Happy Thimle xx


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