Recycling Yarn

A few months back I knitted the lovely Stonework Arrows shawl for my Grandmother.

Using the sumptuous Mimp yarn by Yan Tan Tethera in ‘Lavender Water’. It was a great pattern, easy to follow and fast to make, however, after a while it kind of lost its shape and completely curled up on itself (probably due to too much stocking stitch and not enough border) but hey ho!

I couldn’t disregard it as the yarn was just to lovely, so I decided to unravel it and reincarnate it as a new shawl! There are pitfalls with reusing yarn, first off, it can sometimes get a little stretched out of shape and can also end up a little ‘crinkly’ but I am hopeful that these will be remedied in the blocking.

So when this little beauty popped up on my facebook feed having been tagged by several of my friends, I decided to investigate!

Marcelle Wrap by Little Church Knits – You can download it for free – here.

This is my finished new shawl! It’s by far the largest shawl I’ve knitted and I love it!

I had to make a few minor adjustments, my stripes of blue didn’t continue as far as in the original and I didn’t manage quite so many pattern repeats at the end, but seeing as this was an exercise in stash busting I am delighted with the outcome! 

Now to find a use for some of that lovely lace weight from Norfolk…

Thanks for popping by


Happy Thimble xxx


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