Dottie Angel Frock

I have been wanting to make the famous Dottie Angel frock ever since the pattern came out in the UK last year. However, didn’t get the guts to even buy a copy of the pattern a couple of months ago, but now, slowly, I have collected up some beautiful fabrics on my journeys and am ready to go.


I did however obsess over the pattern notes before even getting close to cutting!

There were several bits that I was concerned about, mainly the bias binding of all things! It says that you need packages of single fold and double fold bias binding?? So how much is in a ‘package’ and what on earth is single fold and double fold??

Thank the lord for Mollie Makes and their rather fabulous blog. I now know that what the pattern actually means is 2 metres of single fold and 1 metre of double fold. As for the folding ‘thing’ double fold is just folded single fold! ARGH! Best and simplest description can be found – here.

Choosing the main fabric was relatively easy, I found some I liked and bought it! However, finding the contrast fabric for the patch pockets proved much harder! The main fabric is a safe choice, but the contrast can be a little more risky/flamboyant/random.

Anyway, all fabric is now chosen, and next step it to cut out…
I read a few other blogs and decided to choose the size nearest to by bust size and not to worry too much about the other measurements as it is a relatively loose fitting design.

Who else finds it really hard to cut out fabric?? It moves around so much and the tissue paper is too floaty, anyway, with enough pins and plenty of tongue sticking out concentration, the fabric is finally all cut out.

So it’s time to start sewing!!

The instructions are pretty straight forward and I love the little pleats where you attach the ties.

I decided against the pockets in the end to give a cleaner finish, the maroon bias binding was a stroke of genius by the lady in the fabric shop!

I’ve already worn the finished dress once and no one commented on it, which I’m taking as a good thing because if obviously doesn’t look ‘homemade’ too much!!


Apologies for the slightly dodgy photos, we have had scaffolding outside our house for weeks and it’s casting a gloom into every room!!

More dress making to come! I’ve caught the sewing bee bug!

Thanks for popping by,

Love Happy Thimble xxx


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