For those of you that have been living in a cave for the last few months, you missed the Great British Sewing Bee! Shame on you and your cave dwelling! (Don’t worry, it is still available on bbc iplayer).

So, if you look back to my first post regarding the GBSB I said that Charlotte was my favourite. I saw Charlotte as quite similar to me in many ways, not least because of her being a bespectacled, tattooed mummy like myself, but also her choice of sewing patterns, desire to make something a little ‘different’ in the alteration challenges and her general air of ‘give it a go’ all enamoured her to me.


You can therefore imagine my joy at watching her progress from week to week and finally finding herself through to the final! However, credit must also be apportioned to the other finalists, Jade and Joyce were amazing, Joyce had so much experience and confidence, and Jade at the age of 18 was simply AWESOME! In fact all the contestants this year were exceptional, its definitely been my favourite series so far.

The programme never ceases to inspire me, and as with previous years I am sure I am not the only one.

So far this season I have completed my Dottie Angel frock  …


I’ve also made a rather lovely jersey top using a Prima magazine pattern and heavily modifying it… I will definitely be making more of these!

And also a black jersey dress following a rather wonderful tutorial on my new favourite blog – Its Always Autumn

You will have to wait for pictures of this one as photographing black jersey on a hanger is a little underwhelming! But if you can’t wait here is the tutorial i followed…Here.


Once again, thanks for stopping by, I will get some pics of my jersey dress postes asap! I did however, manage to wear it out and no one noticed it was handmade – always a bonus!

Love Happy Thimble xxx


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