To poncho or not to poncho?

That is the question…

When a rather lovely friend of mine asked me to make her something for a forthcoming cruise she was going on, I was initially a little reluctant. I am not a huge fan or making things to order for people, first off it is really hard to agree on a sensible pattern, then there is the cost (never liked talking about money with friends) and finally there is the time constraint. I like to make at my own pace.

However, she is a really lovely friend (did I already mention that?) and the suggested item was a poncho type thingymajig! And I was always going to say yes really…*blush*.

So, after much pinterst and ravelry searching, several shortlists all thrown out, we came up with this final short list…


(All these patterns are available either for free or for purchase from Ravelry).

Finally decided on the Shortie Shell Capelet by Kathy North – available for free download here.

Thankfully we had already agreed on a navy colour that would compliment my friends dresses that she had already bought for the aformentioned holiday!

Off we trotted to the LYS (C&H Testiles, Windsor)…

I downloaded the pattern and set to work on our return. It was surprisingly quick to make up, because I was using a slighlty thinner yarn than suggested in the pattern (DK rather than Worsted) I used a 6mm hook. Also because of the change in yarn, I worked out that the pattern was worked on a 4 stitch repeat, we decided on a neck opening measurement and worked from there.

The little poncho / capelet has turned out beautifully.

So in answer to the intial question, the answer is yes! Poncho! Make for friends, share the love, have confidence in your work!

You will have to wait until after her holiday to see some action shots!

Thanks for popping by,

Love Happy Thimble xxx



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