It’s been a while…

Ok so I haven’t blogged once in 2017, it’s been a tough year, with family bereavement, illness, new jobs and lots more!

But I haven’t fallen off the planet and I certainly haven’t stopped making!

I’ve got quite into knitting socks! These are from the¬†Hermione¬†pattern available on Ravelry.


These were basic ‘vanilla’ socks for hubbie.


I have also been trying my hand at yarn dyeing!!


And lots more! But thats for another blogpost!!

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Thanks for popping by, I’ve missed you!


Happy Thimble xxx


Granny Square Christmas

Happy Christmas from the Thimble household…

It has been such a long time since I have blogged. I decided that when I relaunched this blog that I would blog regularly, but sometimes life just gets in the way!

There has been a lot of ups and downs in the Thimble household lately, and it has left me with little left to share on my blog. Blogging for me is a bit of an indulgence, something I do for me, and when life is tricky, I dont feel able to indulge myself?!? I’m not entirely sure that even makes sense outloud, but it makes sense to me, in my head!

Anyway, enough of that, the important thing is that during this time, I have continued to craft, in fact, a lot of the time it is what has kept me sane. The gentle monotony of granny squares has come to be my saviour, as has the repetative round and round of knitting socks.

I can only share these with you now as they have all gone to their new homes for Christmas. They were a joy to make and lots of love went into each one. 

If you are new to granny squares, have a peep at my free pattern – 

Thanks for popping by


Happy Thimble X