Granny Squares

There are many and varied ways to create the iconic crochet granny square and this is my way!


All my patterns are in UK crochet terms.

The beauty of granny squares is that you can use any yarn and any hook, so pick your favourites and lets get started…

Step one

Make a slip knot and chain 4, join to make a ring by putting a slip stitch in the first chain made.

Step two

Chain 3 (this acts as your first treble) now make 2 more trebles into the ring. *Chain 3, make 3 trebles into the ring, repeat from * twice more, then chain 3 and join with a slip stitch into the top of the first chain of 3…I then either slip stitch across to the next ‘corner chain space’ ready for the next round if using the same colour, or fasten off ready to change.


Step three

Starting from a corner chain space (either in the same colour or otherwise) chain 3, and make 2 trebles into the same space, now chain 3 and make 3 more trebles also in the same space (this creates your corner), *chain 1, 3 trebles, 3 chain, 3 trebles into the next corner chain space and repeat from *twice more, finishing with a chain 1 and a slip stitch into the top of the chain 3 at the start of the round. (Again depending on whether or not you wish to change colour, you either slip stitch to the next chain space or fasten off).

2aStep four

Again starting in a corner space, chain 3 then make 2 trebles followed by another chain 3 and 3 trebles all in the same space. *chain 1, 3 trebles in the chain space along the ‘side’ of your square, chain 1, (3 trebles, chain 3, 3 trebles) in the corner chain space, repeat from * twice more and finish just as before with a final chain of 3 and a slip stitch into the top of the chain of 3 made at the start of the round.


Ta da! Your first granny square!

To make it bigger you just keep repeating the formula of *3 trebles, 3 chains and 3 trebles* in the corners and *chain 1, 3 trebles, chain 1* along the sides in each chain space.

Happy hooking xx